Study at Al Iman College

At Al Iman College, we look forward to building good character along with pursuit of academic excellence.

We believe that all children have special abilities and each child is unique. Every child has the capability of doing well and contributing something positive. It is our duty to nurture these abilities. We aim to design our teaching methods to inspire, motivate and encourage each child to achieve to his or her full potential, taking into account each child’s individual talents and needs.

We endeavour to provide a learning environment which focuses on developing well rounded students by challenging them intellectually, spiritually and physically. We aim to provide our students and staff with extensive opportunities for involvement to develop to their fullest potential.

We are committed to provide a rigorous curriculum with a focus on the Islamic upbringing of our students, which we believe is the foundation of a strong, knowledgeable individual. The education of our students is student-centred, emphasising the uniqueness of each individual.

We are “A Developing Collaborative Learning Community” and our motto is “Success through knowledge, practicing and conveying”.

We invite you to visit our School and assure you that you are always welcome.